Full Sound System Software Solution!

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All you need to record your sermon and put it online!

Sound Booth

  • Recorder  » Click to zoom ->


  • MP3 Sermons  » Click to zoom ->

    MP3 Sermons

  • CD Burner  » Click to zoom ->

    CD Burner

  • MP3 Uploader  » Click to zoom ->

    MP3 Uploader

If you have a computer and a microphone, you can use MP3 Sermon Suite. This software works with Windows System!


  • Complete WAVE recording: Specify Quality, Source, start-stop time, VU Meter/FFT/Ocilliscope
  • MP3 Encoding: Select bitrate and Stereo/Mono, ID3 entry
  • CD Burner: Split your sermon into X tracks to facilitate playback in cars.
  • MP3 Uploader: Fill in a few fields, click a button, and your newly recorded sermon is on it's way to!

Download Beta Version - FREE!