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MP3-Sermons.com | Help/Setup


Using your MP3-Sermons.com account:


Once you register, and sign in, click on the "Broadcasters" menu to go to your admin page. From there you can edit your church's information, upload sermons, and edit the sermons your have uploaded.


Uploading Sermons:

Enter your username, and password, and then select the MP3 your want to upload with the browse button. MP3s must be under 20MB, if they aren't you can resample them, or split them in half with a MP3 Splitter.

Enter a title, and click the date field to bring up a calender. Enter a passage. Abbreviations are fine (Gen 32, 1 Cor 13).

Enter a speaker. For each speaker, try to keep his name the same, because sermons are searchable by name, and having "Pastor Smith" and "Bob Smith" being the same person throws things off.

Enter comments about the sermon. Generally a synopsis of the sermon, less then 1000 characters.

Click submit to upload....and wait. A 15 MB sermon can take 10-15 minutes on DSL.


Editing Your Sermons:

Click on the Your Sermons link, and you will be presented with a list of your sermons, with an edit button, and a delete button. Click on the edit button to modify certain fields pertaining to your sermons. Click the delete button to remove it.